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Tellwut Insights gives you personalized data.

Tellwut provides data and analysis through surveys of a panel of over 1.000,000 consumers - we'll work with you to run personalized targeted surveys to gain valuable data and allow you to make informed market decisions.

What do we do?

Introducing Insights as a Service by Tellwut.  We are democratizing accurate and detailed market research to help you gauge public opinion and make informed decisions with personalized surveys.
More than just a survey tool - we  nurture an engaged community that will answer your questions - all you do is tell us what you want to know and then watch the answers come in. 
Stay on the pulse of how consumers are feeling.
How it works
Partner with Tellwut Insights through our premium package to run personalized surveys for your business, which will allow you to gauge consumer mindsets from our extensive list of panel profiling data points.
  • 1500 responses Canada or US or combined

  • General population

  • Maximum of 5 questions

  • Runs every Wednesday

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Premium Plus allows additional data as you are able to choose specific target groups for respondents of your survey.
  • 1500 responses Canada or US or combined

  • Census rep (age, gender region)

  • Maximum of 5 questions

  • Runs every Wednesday

  • High level dashboard – additional $250

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I. Survey tool -- get your free trial
II. Need respondents? Utilize our engaged members for your research -- get a quote
III. One stop shop for your market research needs! -- get a quote

Why choose Tellwut Insights?

We nurture a community of diverse individuals who provide direct actionable insights into desired brands and markets. Our trusted platform showcases advanced technology uncovering critical data and analytics.

Tellwut Community

We have a loyal community of 'Tellwutters' who consistently answer surveys on an awards based system. We are able to run surveys rapidly and efficiently to give you personalized data from a trusted group of individuals with diverse backgrounds.


Rapidly post and get survey responses from our 200,000 members within 24 hours. Respondents come from a variety of demographics, and our advanced systems allow you to explore and limit your data based on specific targets.

"As a small business, it can be cost-prohibitive to conduct market research or run statistically significant surveys, and we were delighted that Tellwut offers accessible pricing without sacrificing data quality. Tellwut turned our 1000-respondent survey around in a week and we could track the results online via a real-time dashboard. The company went above and beyond by splitting the data for us further by request, and our Tellwut contact was proactive and a pleasure to work with. We will be using Tellwut's services the next time we need to conduct market research!"

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Have a question you want to ask consumers or to request a custom quote:

Click the link below and one of our experts will be in touch.

Tellwut Insights -

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921 Port Washington Blvd. Suite 11 Port Washington NY 11050 United States


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